How to Get Published

India Netbooks is an upcoming publishing platform where it provides resourceful publishing specially to the New and Upcoming Authors and writers in various languages from all parts of India.

When the Authors decide to get the book published the following steps are passed through:

·         Discussion about the book for publishing to determined basic terms & approve the manuscript.

·         The Author powers his book either by E-mail i.e. in In case the manuscript is send through hard copy the same can be typed at the Cost of the Author.

·         After going through the manuscript it is type set in accordance with the size and contents of the book.

·         The typeset book is sent to the Author for editing/ proof reading, approve the design and typeset. The services of the proof readers and editors are available on payment bases.

·         After Receiving the Proof Checked Copy received from the Author the Correction and Editing is completed.

·         The Cover page is design and the content of About the Author is provided by the Author together with Authors passport size photograph.

·         Upon approval of the text and cover page the book is sent for printing.


In case the Author desires to convert the book into E-Book and Audio books the same is done at the Authors Cost. After publication of the books, 5 Copies are sent to the Author, the book is uploaded for Amazon and Flipkart.