Rajni Chhabra

Rajni  Chhabra

Rajni  Chhabra (July 3, 1955)

Retired Lecturer in English, multi lingual poetess, polyglot, blogger, International Director 20 at W.U.P.and  Numerologist @ www.numeropath.com

Treading on the path of Numerology since 1989 and by Grace of Almighty, having enhanced International  clientage since 2008, after launching Numerology site www.numeropath.com

Published Works:

My two e books on Numerology published on kindle are NUMEROLOGY GALORE,  NUMEROLOGY GUIDE FOR CAREER ORIENTATION. Besides, several write ups on different aspects of Numerology published in Chandigarh News in English and in Rajasthan Diary in Hindi.

English Grammar Book Bright English New Course, Hindi Poetry Hone Se Na Hone Tak, Pighlate Himkhand, English Poetry Mortgaged, Maiden Step, Reveries, Translated Poetry Book in English, of Panjabi poems by Dr. Amarjit Kaunke, ‘Fathoming Thy Heart’, Translated Poetry Book in English of Rajasthani Poetry Utroon Undhai Kaalje of Ravi Purohit,  ( Reveries and Fathoming Thy Heart Translated English Poetry books available on Kindle too) Additionally, Language Fused In Blood, Translated English Poetry of Dr. Neeraj Daiya’s Rajasthani Poems is also live on Kindle. Rajasthani Poetry Book of Shyam Maharshi Ji, ‘Keen To Bol’ , translated by me into English ‘Vent Your Voice’ is due for release soon .Translation work from Rajasthani, Panjabi and Urdu  into English as target language, published in several journals of national and international repute, besides digital literature. Participation in Poetry Recitation Events on national and international level. Regular broadcast of poems on All India Radio, Bikaner for 19 years.

My several poems from Hindi and English are being translated and published into Rajasthani, Punjabi, Nepali, Gujrati and Bengali.

Youtube channel :  therajni56

Email address:  rajni.numerologist@gmail.com   Ph: 09538695141